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Metal Drill Bits

Drill Through Hard Metal Sheets And Objects With Ease And Power Using Metal Drill Bits

Metal drill bits are specially designed bits for boring holes into various kinds of metal. Drill bits for metal have a totally different design than drill bits that are intended for drilling into wood products, as wood drill bits are completely different than masonry bits. There are also numerous types and designs of metal drill bits. Cheaper metal drill bits can be used easily when drilling softer metals, but when you need to drill through hardened and heat treated material, you will need to purchase a better quality bit. The carbide drill bit works well when drilling through most hard metals. The carbide tip adds toughness and durability to the drill bit. But even this good quality drill bit isn't strong enough to drill through cast iron, titanium or treated stainless steel. With these applications, a cobalt drill bit works very well. Cobalt bits are made of a solid composition of steel and cobalt. A cobalt bit is heat-treated which changes its color from a steel blue to a shiny gold. These drill bits are designed for high speed drilling, and hold up well with the heat that is generated due to friction. These bits are much more expensive, but can literally drill through any kind of metal material. The aviation industry uses cobalt bits very extensively.

Metal bits can be used for just about every given purpose. Since there are numerous kinds of metal bits, choosing an appropriate drill bit is important. High speed steel (HSS) drill bits work well for most DIY projects and for homeowners' drilling needs. These bits hold up pretty well. Even for most woodworking projects, metal bits work well. If you are wanting to build a bookcase, you can use these bits for all of your drilling. If you do an extensive amount of drilling, you may want to spend the extra money up front and buy a better quality drill bit. 
The carbide bit is best for all around drilling while holding your costs down somewhat. A prominent feature of metal drill bits is their ability to be re-sharpened to be used over and over againl. This results in reduced cost to its users and better efficiency. Good drill bit sharpeners can also be purchased for a modest price.

Metal drill bits are very versatile as there are different styles. There are metal bits to cut flat holes, deep holes as well as diagonal holes. You can drill into metal sheets, regardless of their thickness. This is made possible as a result of their hard and sharp tip along with solidly structured sharp shafts and cutting edges. 
Drill bit sets are also available so you can have a complete set of metal drill bits. This is a wise investment for the homeowner or do-it-yourself project geek. These sets are typically housed in a tough case that also keeps the bits organized and together.

Metal drill bits are designed to penetrate any kind of metal substance whether thick or thin. The cobalt bits are extra strong due to the cobalt that is added to the steel. They are also resistant to rust. You can expect a long life from this drill bit if it is sharpened and maintained properly. It's never a good idea to leave bits laying out in the open. It is also good if you have a carrying case to keep your drill bits together and organized. With the different types and different quality of bits, it is important to choose the appropriate metal bit for your application. 
Metal drill bits are a valuable tool for home improvement projects to big industrial applications. When a drill bit begins heating up, it looses some of it effectiveness and will begin to dull. By applying a cooling lubricant, you may have better results and actually extend the life of the bit. Of you can spend the extra money and purchase a cobalt bit which is designed to drill with higher temperatures.

Metal drill bits can pierce metals, stainless steel and other heat treated materials. Metal drill bits come in all sizes and lengths to accommodate all of your drilling needs. You can also get metal drill bits that are coated with zirconium or titanium. Both will extend the life of your bit and will add more strength. With titanium, you drilling speed needs to be slower to reduce the heat, as heat doesn't fare well with titanium. 
Generally speaking, metal drill bits are a durable, resistant, powerful and cost efficient way to cut holes into metals.