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Types of Welding Rods

Mild Steel Welding Electrode

The 6013 welding rod is a light to medium penetrating all-purpose welding electrode for use in all positions, on carbon steel. Runs on AC or DCEP (reverse) polarity or DCEN (straight) polarity. Good for general, all-purpose applications and joints with poor fit-up. Also 6013 welding rod has a high titanic coated type. This electrode was primarily designed to provide good wetting and shallow penetration for thin sheet metal applications (using smaller diameter electrodes), but with sufficient penetration for welding medium gauge steel. As a result, 6013 is an allpurpose electrode that provides a soft steady arc which is easily regenerated, easy slag control for vertical-down welding, low spatter and a beautiful bead appearance. 6013 electrodes may be used in any position with AC or DC .

Low Hydrogen Welding Electrode

7018 welding rod is iron powder low-hydrogen carbon steel electrode with excellent mechanical properties and cracking-resistant. It can be welded in all positions with both AC and DC and reduces welding layer with iron powder in the coating and is widely used in ship building pipeline bridges, boilers, pressure vessels, restrained joint penstocks, blast furnace steel work, atomic reactor shell and pipework. 

Stainless Steel Welding Electrode

This welding rod is capable of depositing S.S. type of weld metal with normal content of carbon. The weld metal has excellent creep strength and radiographic quality. learn more types of our stainless steel welding electrodes.

Cast Iron Welding Electrode

This welding rod used in pump casing, gear housing, engine blocks and valve bodies.